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e-commerce development for print shops

• A company focused on customer success. Based upon the experience of the best printing consulting company - ANconsulting, the Isidora® platform was developed for the web from the printing business. We rely on the latest generation technologies to develop printing business e-commerce.

• Promoting high volume sales to customers on B2C with extreme quality when dealing with the generated file, greater sales optimization and added value for clients on B2B are amongst our objectives.

how does web2print work?

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• Isidora® is a w2p platform developed for the graphic printing business. Therefore, it is an e-commerce focused on all graphic printing requirements. Through the platform, the client can sell any product dependent (or not) on personalization in a fast and straightforward way without the need for approvals or reworking. The corporate end user can see the products he is purchasing on his computer screen. The print shop gets the order and can reroute it directly for printing. The system handles special colors, varnishing, crop marks, etc... It also accounts for imposition, freight, payment options and can be integrated into multiple ERP systems.

  Understanding the Model

• B2B is a market term that refers to a sale from one company to another company (closed store), while B2C is a term defined as a sale from a company to an end user. That is, a company that sells clothes to a small store is a B2B model, while a department store is a B2C model.

  Franchises and Resellers

• Better control over branding and print quality. The print shop becomes a solution provider for the franchises.

• With the possibility of having resellers, the sales rep has his own channel where he can use the available tools to customize his customer’s materials or to send closed files for printing, while being able to follow the printing process.

  File Upload

• File upload is available on both the B2B and B2C models. This system allows the print shop client to send print ready files for production. After defining the file receiving criteria, the Isidora® Platform does all the checking, shows the client if the file is OK or not for printing, shows the material on-screen and allows the download to production without the need for retouching or reclosing.

Online Customization

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1 - Client accesses the site on his computer, tablet or smartphone and chooses the product.

2- Personalizes the selected product.

3- Verifies the artwork and completes the purchase.

4 - Print shop receives all the sales information and the ready-to-print file – with imposition and technical graphics resources.

Simple as that!

Online Customization

The print shop has available templates.

The client personalizes online and sees the result immediately!


• Text

• Images (upload)

• Image data banks

• Bar codes

• QRcodes

• Numerical sequencing

• Volume printing

File Upload

The client can send PDF files or images.

PDF supports advanced calculations such as:

• Square footage

• Page counting

• Two-sided printing

Isidora® checks:

• Page dimension

• Embedded fonts

• Number of pages

Variable data

Does your client require multiple data printing?

For example:

• Many business cards with different names

• Mailing labels

• Employee IDs

• Named event invitations

• QRcodes with unique security codes

• Bar codes for access badges

Isidora® receives  Excel® files and generates a customization for every line! Supporting text, bar codes, QRcodes and images! The images can be remote or sent with the Excel file.

Isidora® Scripting Language (ISL)


Isidora® has an extremely advanced resource for data manipulation, your client delivers the data, Isidora® manipulates it according to requirements and generates the file for correct printing. For example:

• Client selects a branch office from a list, Isidora® identifies this and changes the address, phone number and even the logo.

• Client connects to a B2B store, Isidora® identifies the name, e-mail, phone number and automatically fills in the data.

• Client fills in the name, Isidora® checks if the name’s first letters are capitalized.

• Automatic change of name order on the backside of English language business cards.

• Monogram generation from the name.

• Ensure that the e-mail domain is corporate ant not private.

• Validation masks for phone numbers, vehicles and professional IDs (CRM, CREA etc...).

why chose Isidora®?

  The only local platform that optimizes the sales volume in open stores, making personalization easy for the print shop client and optimizing graphic printing by receiving ready-to-print files.

  We work with all available technical graphic resources so that there are no production bottlenecks and so that the print shop can print shop can print quality files for corporate clients or high technical demand end-users on both models (spot color, special fonts, bleeding, crop marks, Pantone and special colors, file imposition, preflight, lot customization).

  True PDF: our final print PDF is a true document, not a “flat” (rasterized) RGB image, all our files are 4-color, no RGB.

  E-commerce built for print shops and not a virtual store adapted for graphics product printing.

  Dynamic registers: As opposed to generic e-commerce product building is done through: products x quantity x options.

  Storefronts ready for fast implementation but different from each other, so that your site never looks the same as your competition’s.

  Hybrid customization editor – through forms or drag and drop, adapted to each product to be sold.

  Integrated to mail service and freight forwarding systems – the only to automatically calculate weight vs cubic volume.

  Responsive system – allows navigation on tablets, PCs and smartphones.

  Digital Marketing and Social Networks: From friendly URL’s to integration with Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Facebook, Pixel, Remarketing etc… Allows product sharing on social networks, therefore broadening the stores reach.

  Integrated payment methods: Cielo, Pagseguro, soon: Gerencianet (slips) and Paypal

purchase advanteages with isidora®

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Client purchases once and has his purchase history for one item or the entire order.


Purchase can be initiated on a tablet and concluded on a computer without losing the stored cart and keeping all customizations made up to then.

Production follow-up

The print shop can update production status so that the client can follow-up where his order stands in real-time.

Lot purchase (VDP)

The client can send a spreadsheet to make a purchase using variable data where each line becomes an independent item on the shopping cart.

e.g.: Client wishes to customize a business card but, for 100 different names, instead of filling each one individually, sends an Excel list with 100 lines, one name per line, and Isidora® processes them all and generates one card per name.

Modular Registration

Register Once Reuse in diferent places

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Registration is done one single time in a modular fashion integrating and originating the most diverse combinations, allowing for a single base product, aggregated to many options, quantities, etc… to be converted into many individual products. At the same time, client registration, stores, access groups are dynamically reused, allowing multiple combinations, e.g.: a client with access to multiple stores, each one with their own price lists and individual products.

Isidora – the first Brazilian typology printer

the name Isidora was not chosen by chance, it is the name of the first Brazilian typology printer.

isidora: a typological reminisce – development of a family of typographical digital fonts for text composition

" Isidora is a typographical family that was designed from a research on the start of editorial production in Brazil. It was a graduation project mentored by Priscila Farias and organized in two parts: historical research and type design project exercise. The Isidora design was based on the types used by the Portuguese Isidoro da Fonseca on the Relação da entrada que fez… booklet. The printed document is nothing more than a tedious description of the arrival of a bishop to Rio de Janeiro, but it is considered to be the first printed book in Brazilian territory in 1747, when it was still forbidden to install typographical shops in Brazil. Isidora tries to bring the document’s irreverence and improvisional character and Isidoro’s illegal shop.  "

Laura benseñor lotufo

Priscila lena farias

See the full article at: http://www.fau.usp.br/disciplinas/tfg/tfg_online/tr/102/a

See more on Laura Lotufo’s study at: http://lauralotufo.com/isidora.html

Other Services

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 Creation of institutional websites and pages

 Creation of products and product lines

 Specific web development

 Technical, commercial and strategic Consulting to develop your business

• Productivity improvement, optimization of methods and processes and of the commercial department are the tasks done by the ANconsulting team to optimize your business.

Talk to us about these services

Visit the AN website: www.anconsulting.com.br

some of our b2b and b2c clients

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Technical information

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Isidora® + Joomla

Advantages of using an OpenSource Content Manager

• Joomla is modular. It comes with the standards of SEO and SEF for each menu.

• Isidora® has metatags, analytics, remarketing, google shopping, social network sharing and google meta tags.

• Supports Landing Pages

• Supports HOT SITES for specific promotions

• Supports Multi Sites for vertical markets (e.g.: sites for doctors with specific products and visuals)

• A product dos NOT need many URLs just because of quantity change such as in traditional systems, e.g.: yoursite.com.br/panflets/10x7 , this URL is unique, independent of the quantities and options involved.

• One product supports multiple categories, e.g.: yoursite.com.br/doctors/panflets/10x7 and yoursite.com.br/dentists/panflets/10x7, this way you can do specific campaigns with specific landing pages without the need of having the same product registered many times

What is Joomla?

Advantages of using an OpenSource Content Manager

- Joomla (pronounced as “djumla”) is a Content Management System (CMS) developed in 2005, and has a very active development community.

- It enables content altering such as: Texts, Blogs, Menus, Slideshows, Video Blogs, Download spaces etc... using and admin panel, without the need of a programmer.

 Joomla has multiple resources and functionalities that can be added to it through component installation (resources that are added to Joomla to achieve a specific funcionality). e.g.: Blog, customized forms, Online Chat, Slideshows with special effects etc...

- By using Joomla, Isidora® allows each store to have UNIQUE visual characteristics. We do not believe in a standard model that fits all print shops.

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Cloud Stored Content

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The concept of cloud computing is very wide but, put simply, it means to access files, applications or computer resources (memory or processing) that are not on your computer using a network.

To use your webmail, for example, you don’t have the need to have anything installed on your computer, right? When you send an e-mail, it also doesn’t remain stored anywhere on your machine. The message is stored on a server that can be located anywhere in the world.

And through an available Internet connection, you can also access it from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world. This is cloud computing.


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